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All of our home improvement services in Toronto and the greater GTA area start with a consultation to find out your specific needs and go over the colour options and designs that are available to make your house stand out. From installing siding and replacing columns to adding skylights, U Save Provincial provides high-end work using premium products we would choose for our own property. Our seasoned crews (two to three for each trade) are always punctual and finish one job in a timely manner before moving on to the next. In addition, we remove any debris and leave homes in better condition than upon arrival. Rest assured you will be pleased with the final results.

Climbing a Ladder

Siding & Gutter Installation That Adds Protection & Curb Appeal

Enhance the outside appearance of your house with gutter and siding installation from U Save Provincial in Toronto and the greater GTA area. Our experienced crew members have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the work correctly and understand how the little details can change the overall look of your property. We deliver the professional workmanship customers expect and should always receive.

Your Choice of Siding

Siding comes in a variety of colors and different insulation thicknesses to meet your needs. We install top-level siding for each job and use vinyl siding in the thickest gauge. Plus, all of our siding includes a lifetime warranty.

Types of Siding:

  • Wood

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Vinyl

Sturdier Gutters & Recommended Leaf Guards

U Save Provincial installs aluminum gutters with heavy-gauge metals that have less probability of denting or bowing because of the sun's heat. Gutters are available in 5" or 6" seamless eavestroughs, and you have the option to add leaf guards to keep debris and leaves out of the draining system. A leaf guard not only boosts the strength of the gutters, but also helps prevent ice from building up and warping them. In addition to using heavy-duty brackets and the appropriate screws, we position the downspout to tilt off to the side, so water does not pool at the base of your house.


Masonry Work

Your One Call for Brick, Stone, Sill, Pillar, & Column Projects

From time to time, the distinguishing features of your home need a little fixing up to maintain their beauty. U Save Provincial has many years of experience in stone or brick repair, sill installation, and wood pillar and column removal. We have the ability to handle various types of masonry jobs for homeowners in Toronto and the greater GTA area.


  • Repair or Replace Chimneys

  • Repair or Replace Bricks

  • Window or Door Fill-in

  • Tuck-Pointing - Grind, Refill, & Colour Match Mortar


  • Veneer Stones

  • Full Stones

  • Engineered Stones

  • Authentic Stones

One-Piece Limestone Sills

We slope the smooth or rock-faced sill properly to divert water away from your home and help with drainage. Additionally, there is a built-in drip bed to keep water from running back into the bricks. This ensures the longevity of the bricks. After we have correctly completed the installation, you will not have any issues with the sill.

Aluminum Pillars & Columns

As homes age, pillars and columns start to rot due to being built with wood. We remove the old ones and install new pillars and columns. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes to match the look of your home. The material is also coated to prevent rusting.


Windows and Patio Doors

Crossing Windows & Patio Doors Off Your Home Improvement List

Create a tighter seal inside your house with window installation from U Save Provincial in Toronto and the greater GTA area. We replace or repair old windows that are possibly no longer flush from side to side, as well as offer patio door installation. Our contracting business utilizes Gentek for both windows and patio doors.
Installations from the Stud
Our brick-to-brick jobs entail tearing out the old frames to the stud and installing new framework, sealers, and the window or patio door you select. We also use foam insulation with premium caulking to make sure there is no leakage of water, heat, or cool air. Furthermore, all of our windows and patio doors come with a lifetime warranty.


Roofing & Skylights

Installing Roofs & Skylights the Right Way for Lasting Use

Increase the resale value of your home with a new roof and enjoy the addition of skylights. U Save Provincial provides roof installation and skylight installation for customers throughout the Toronto and the greater GTA area. You can expect us to complete every step with precision for a seamless finish.
Durable Roofing
Before our roofing work begins, we tarp the property, cover the windows, and shield the garage door and air conditioner to prevent any damage. We utilize fiberglass shingles and full underlayment to avoid installing the materials on bare wood. New flashings, proper vents for your area, and ice and water shields around the edge protect your home against animals and the elements. Once the job is finished, we run a magnet around the yard to pick up any loose nails or screws.
Beautiful Skylights
Tempered glass used both on the inside and outside to create your new skylight is available in a variety of colors. We install skylights at the same time as installing the roof or replace your existing skylight. Our replacement process involves new flashings, curb around the skylight, underlayment, a new backpan, and refilling the shingles. Contact us for a free estimate.

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